Photo by Claire Reitz

The story behind it all

My pie making ventures were inspired by my pit bull, Betty Lou Vilnius, who became gravely ill after eating a chew toy and required two abdominal surgeries to save her life. On June 13 2009, my roommates and I threw a Benefit/Fundraiser on behalf of Betty Lou. The fundraiser entailed a silent art auction, a cakewalk, and a bake sale for which I baked pies in effort to recoup some of the money I spent on Betty's bills. The benefit was a success, raising over $1,100. Largely due to the positive reception from my friends/paying customers in attendance that day, I thought the next logical step would be to try my pies on the unsuspecting public every Saturday at the local Missoula Clark Fork River Market.

Since then, I've found an increased demand has naturally led to my increased pie production, which also includes those ordered from friends, coworkers, and customers originally met at the Market. The positive reviews keep me confidently expanding my recipe box and have led to the launch of this website.

I hope that you'll find all of my pies well above expectations made from the finest local Western Montana ingredients and with a healthy and happy Betty Lou in mind.

Peter Clavin, 'the Pie Guy'